NIS (4 September 1915 - 14 April 2005 / Youngstown, Ohio)


Yes the Gypsy told me
At the edge of the darkening town:
Leave your tears a minute
Lay aside your frown
Two cups are still standing
Three have fallen down

You must cross the river,
the river, the river
You must cross the river
And leave your past behind
You must cross the river
On the first bridge you can find

Five cups were filled with hope
Then you were bereft

Three cups you know have fallen
But two you see are left

If you stand here weeping
The fourth cup will surely fall
Only one cup will be standing
Then no cups will stand at all

Yes the Gypsy told me
At the edge of a twilight town:

One cup in twilight standing
filled to over flow

So wait us here no longer
And forward we both shall go

To the center of this
twilight town

Where I shall
bestow on you
with great haste at
trumpets sound

My gift that shall astound:

A time of distant days
Will return again as then
Desolation reach an end
And new crown then begin

A kingdom lost now found
I hear the trumpets sound

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Comments (2)

Foreboding in it profound foreshadowing, very well written. Thumbs up. (I also have a piece titled gypsy) kudos.
An excellent and most crafty write, easly a ten, Thank you for letting me read, Isabelle