Gypsy Heart

I was hiding something
some underneath my pillow
some in my closet that I'll never open
and some at places that I never know
These were the thoughts that never leave me alone.

They originated from a gypsy heart
some asked 'what is that? '
Its not American, African, Indian or Italian
its my gypsy heart without a companion
sometimes its big sometimes small
Depends on where the feet stop where I am not called

Gypsy heart does not owe anything
but needs everything
it ponders on things unimaginable
hates to explain, so please excuse its incorrigible
its filled with emotions that never die
they only evaporate causing a high

no one is an enemy, no one is a friend
it treats everyone alike as biasness is an offence
its consumed with wildness like fire
there is no cure for this intoxication cant hurt the divine
only wandering is defined
its not a sin not the usual punishable crime.


Comments (2)

This poem facinated me the moment i read's filled with reflects of a clear heart speaking out it's feelings...wonderful job kunal :)
Gypsy heart... Is talanted sin...!