VE (9-20-1961 / Cape Girardeau)

Gypsy Kind Of Love

I’m the kind of woman
Finds it hard to settle down
I’ve always been that way,
Traveling round from town to town;
But baby since I’ve been with you
I found my love for you’s so true,
I wanna spend my life with you, holding you,
Loving you, Close to you…

You’re the kind of man
Always stayed in his home place,
Watched people grow and people die
And the whole thing changing face,
But Baby, since you’ve been with me
Seems like home is wearing thin;
Wanna put on your walkin’ shoes,
Throw on some hobo rags, and go back to where
You’ve never been;

CH: Cause you and me got a love that’s free,
It’ll go wherever we want to be
Flowin’ like a river down to the sea,
Our Gypsy kind of love...

Ridin’ out West with the wind in our hair
Long as we’re together we can go anywhere
Laughin’ at the people who stop and stare
At our Gypsy kind of love,
We’ll climb all the mountains,
We’ll swim in the sea,
Don’t matter what we do
As long as you are with me;
We’ll discover the people we were
Meant to be, and set our passions free.

CH: Cause you and me got a love that has to be,
Discovering together that life can be so sweet,
The whole damn world will be at our feet,
With this Gypsy kind of love.

And when we finally find our home,
A place to settle down and no longer roam,
We’ll sit on the porch and rest our weary bones,
Remembering all our fun,
Though we may be old we’ll still stop and smile,
Knowing that this kind of love will always be our style,
A Gypsy kind of love.

When we walk that final mile,
Hand in hand we’ll go together
With a big ol’ smile,
Anywhere with you, Babe,
And any old while-
Just a gypsy girl in love.

CH: Yeah, you and me got a love that’s free
It’ll last for all eternity,
We’ll fly through space together and
Dream of things to be,
With our Gypsy kind of love.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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To be with the one you love is purpose enough moving or staying put People not posseesions or places are what life is all aboout