Return To Innocense

We shatter the myths that have passed down on our heads
we awaken now and make our new beds.
We follow our hearts more with each passing day
we get out of our heads and let our hearts lead the way.
We return to the innocence of a child
who questions the world, but with a smile.
Not the sinister grin of mistrust
but the perception of things as robust.
The flowers now sing and the birds light the sky
the clouds paint a picture and the geckos cry.
The plants bow down to you as you look up at them
they are all a part of this new planetary transformation.
The veil is lifting in the cosmic scheme
we have forgotten in this timing of things.
No business as usual which will bite you in the ass
you have to set new priorities if we are to have a chance.

by Christina C Sunrise

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We are so complex and you have worded this so well.Love Duncan