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Gypsy Soul

Restless, roving soul
needing, reaching, grasping
aching, antsy, anxious
impatient since birth
my soul is a gypsy
wandering the earth

I delve the depths
for spiritual solace,
that place of rest
scouting rough terrain
searching, probing, seeking
habitats humane

Empty hateful faces,
"GOD-forsaken" spaces
this place is a wasteland
breaking my heart
humanity desecrated
all falling apart

Bohemian gypsy soul
deviant, despised
traversing the expanse between
‘what is' and ‘what should be'
I long for an asylum
a better place for me

Desolate and downcast
pitifully sad nomad
feeling forgotten, abandoned
destined to roam
but soul exiles aren't forever
HE will guide me safely home

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