(March 2nd,1984 / USA)

Gypsy St.

city to suburb
suburb to city to country.

plucking an iris,
she exchanges it for a hyacinth;

a second guess
for a
second doubt

And all these colors refract gray
in her Indian summer shades:
The greens, blues & autumns

Queen Anne’s lace.

scheming to herself circumventing
the globe

but funny,
she can’t climb out of this place—

transfer second
to first

I live at the corner of Gypsy street
and the apocalypse of the universe.

by s./j. goldner

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Comments (9)

Hmmm...interesting circumvention here. Lovely write. Love, Joy
Clever, thanks for the tour!
a witty twist. i always aspire to be able to write poetry like this.
I love the tour your took us on from the suburbs to the apocalypse. What a ride and all the transfers are free! Robert
you say so much SUN...and your poem can be interpreted by every reader in their unique understanding of life...love...nalini
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