WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Gypsy Woman

Gypsy Woman

Madam Bushka she called herself
As she pulled a book from the shelf
Look into the crystal ball
It will reveal it all

Let me read the lines in your hand
Look on and I'll tell you a story young man
Sit, sit this won't take long
Words to my ears like a love song

Look here and you will see
Your past, present, and your future history
Look into my eyes I was told
She saw I was hurting, bitter, and cold

Hatred, contempt she saw in my heart
These ill feelings shall tear you apart
Live and let die she said to me
Better things are ahead you'll see

I see money more than you could spend
I see cars, boats, around the bend
I see you on a horse on twenty acres of land
Only if you put more money in my hand

All these things shall come to pass
But nothing from nothing can ever last
Sensual words flew from her lips
When she said these things are at my fingertips

I couldn't believe my ears nor eyes
All she said must be lies
No my son she said to me
Just believe and you shall see

Only one thing I ask of you
Give unto me what is due
I sat for awhile and I wondered
What could she want, my first child, I pondered

Then she took a sip of red wine
And said no just what is rightfully mine
Listen to my son and listen well
Pay now or damn your soul to hell

My pockets ran dry and I ran a cold sweat
A dreadful night if I could only forget
How could I lose everything I had
Wishful thinking from a young lad

by Wilfred Mellers

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I gave this an 8 for recommendation. I couldn't give it more because the Bushka made me poor. GW62