The once rumoured gay disease.
Where is the knowledge?
Un-protected sex the main cause,
We teach the children of the future.
Tell the kids of South Africa,
Where condoms are stapled outside the hut.
A throw of the dice in un-protected sex,
Sharing needles while you shoot up!
Is it really worth it?
Is ignorance really bliss?
We’re dying everyday in our ignorance.

by Joseph Tanner

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Ignorance kills thousands every day. Whether in Iraq, or in secret prison camps in Eastern Europe, or in the prison of our own horrors. Ignorance is the enemy. On the other hand 'Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty, That is all we need to know' - Keats. Keep on writing - we need all the truth and beauty we can get! Lovexxxx, Will
i really really liked this poem! It set a scene that many people are too ignorant to see!