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Had I A Fairy Godmother

Had I a Fairy Godmother and if she came to me
And said I'll grant to you two favours what might those favours be?
I'd ask that I'd feel happy and live my life carefree
And my second wish a small cottage that overlook the sea.

A cottage just back from the cliffs away from man made noise
And the only sounds the big surf waves where the black backed sea gull cries
And the flute like song of the gray shrike thrush ring beautiful and clear
The pleasant sounds of Nature are the sounds I love to hear.

The dirty factory chimney billowing black smoke to the sky
And ugly man made sky scrapers not a sight to enjoy
And the noisy cars and trucks and buses puffing pollution as they go
I love the quieter World where the freshening sea winds blow.

In that small cottage by the cliff I'd live my life at ease
Far away from where pollution is blowing in the breeze
A quiet life would suit me I do not seek acclaim
Just to live far from where my own kind compete for wealth and fame.

Had I a Fairy Godmother and to me she did say
I will grant to you two wishes for which you need not pay
I would ask of her to be happy and to live my life carefree
And my second wish a cottage by the cliff above the sea.

by Francis Duggan

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