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Had Thought

I had once thought about killing
But no-one could I ever kill,
I had once thought about robbing
But from no-one could I ever steal,
I had once thought about cheating
But to a love I could never cheat
I had once thought about lying
But to no-one could I cause deceit,
I had once thought about my death
But I did not want to die
I once thought about depression
But no longer did I want want to cry
I once thought about using
But no one could I ever use
I had once thought about abusing
But then to no-one could I ever abuse.
In my life I had these thoughts
As they would entered into my brain
But when they entered into my soul
From them all I did refrain.
I know what's right from wrong
And that truth can or will never change
Excuses instead of truth cannot be accepted
And sins cannot change their name.
Those ideals will still enter into my mind
Especially when temptation I had sought
But I will stay a virtuos and truthful man
When it comes to sins and lies, I too had thought.

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I can really connect to this poem. I may not have been as succesful in avoiding sin, but such a big truth: once we allow these thoughts of sin to enter our soul, we will no longer doubt. I like this poem very much
I really love the words of this.so true. and powerful(: