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Had You?
NKW ( / Jakarta)

Had You?

Poem By Niken Kusuma Wardani

Had you forget the time you knock on my door?
One sweet touch and its wide open
Then we drawn on expected courtesy
I’d serve you the best corner to decorate
Free and content on yr possession

Had you lost yr key to recognize the place?
It’s been a pleasure to welcome you back
Surrender with the thought of sharing you the grand life
I lit the flame to cuddle your mind and let the time be our charm
But you never rest the nerve to melt with ease

Had you stole some of the dream?
It was gone leaving your bare foot step
It’s a treasure to keep my vanity and your sanity
Spend it wisely if you must or preserve it right
Seems like your fake intention had taken a part

Had you decide to ignore the beat?
The rush of emotion still playing to redeem our desire
Pour us the need to bind the tiny cell of mind
When I’m there and you’re not around
Or when you’re too lonely to have fun

Had you give up haunting me?
Coz you cherish the tattoo near my heart
Creep the night to greet me morning
Though I always fall for reason and alibi
I’d try to be fair ‘till the end of our line

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Comments (9)

where are you now...
Wondrous and astonishing to read.
Visual passion expressed through colours of the heart..flooding the world with love.....beautiful work....I liked the tender voice of the speaker...it gives the piece warmth...nicely penned 10
it would be better if you tried to use the rhyme............but it is spectacular.......amazing.........and enjoyable to read........awesome write...
Somewhere behind the rainbow, I had lost you.Had me really lost you?