Poem By Linda Hepner

My fountain,
Streams in the parched land,
Figs dates and olives
Snatched away
And on my pomegranate tree
I planted once with you
The fruit is rudely opened,
Seeds ruddy wet like pebbles soaked in blood
Upon which metamorphosed
To a praying mantis
I stumble over mosaics
Within a crimson chapel,
While the sunlight through the stained glass
Splits, divides and shatters
On the pavestones.

Words in the dark valley
Songs, paintings, poetry
Snatched away
And in my days and nights
I spend with you,
The time is rudely plundered,
Like clocks whose hands are gone,
Where exiled into desolation, I
Wander from hour to hour
Within a maze of minutes, weeks and moons
And a cruel torch beams onto my past,
Mocking tomorrow,
Shattering today.


Comments about Hagar

Wow! ! This is simply lovely, Linda. Sounds like it came out of all the pain medication you had in the hospital. :) So glad to have you back posting poems of this quality. I'm marking it for my favorites. Raynette

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