Everywhere That She Goes

Poem By James Hunter

I wake and it is dark outside
A new velvet coat of white
I love the moon as it reflects
An early awesome light
The temperature it dips and dives
It's very cold outside
I know I must get out of bed
I cannot stay and hide
The high today, tonight as well
A chilly forty below zero
A hearty breakfast I do eat
My body burns its fuel
Outside I go all bundled up
A workingman am I
You need not wonder where I go
And only she knows really why
I breathe in deep, it burns and bites
It feels like pins and needles
But I know I must go on
Going everywhere that she goes

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I guess I've been here awhile, I really can't remember
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The mountains majestic, the rivers so clear
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Their souls the seventh day


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