Questions questions on my mind,
Curious questions of every kind.
Who am I in the first place?
Would it help if I looked at my face?
Or would I get lost again and find no trace?
Who in my life did I humbly serve?
Or did I keep all of my generosity in the reserve?
And maybe thought it was easier for me to just sit and observe.
Did I ever smile at a beggar's face?
Or was I disgusted enough to leave the place?
Did I ever swallow my pride and apologize?
Or did my 'sorry' always have a price?
Did I learn to forgive and forget?
Or was I unconsciously being revenge-led?
Did I choose love instead of hate?
Did I openly share what's inside my plate?
Guess I'll have to fix my life before it's too late.

by Mark Fahmy

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