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Haiku 1312
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Haiku 1312

the heart soaks up rejection.
Hold the endorphins.

All are off limit,
beaches and mountains to climb,
trees may be weeping.

Got to the station,
in hand passport and ticket,
love was forever.

If surface tension
protects the deeper feelings,
try some detergent.

Wash out the phrases
and let the tongue taste freedom,
care for the heart strings.

All trains have gone now,
no need to man the station.
Township of Sever.

Revive the dream now,
caressed by salty water,
and reminiscing.

They missed his birthday,
haunted by that damned number,
death to the magic.

How many hours,
and who will pay attention,
not that it matters.

Always a dreamer,
nothing must be discarded
sing now, Fat Lady.

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