Life (Cap Verse)

Life (Cap Verse)

Life is for the living to live,
Every breath is precious,
So live the moment and the day,
Yesterdays could be tales or regret or adventure,
Everybody has choices so follow your heart,
Time is so short for us humans,
Spanning decades but eclipsed by trees,
Spanning millennia imagine a tree's life,
Even now some trees from the time of Christ live,
Eons of time compared with our short lifespans,
So think what four thousand year old Bristlecone Pines have seen.

By Christopher Tye

by Christopher Tye

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Heh, damn right. Was that one worth writing? Because it was definitely worth reading.
that was well put I had a time reading it
You seem to be able to rise to the challenge well, Love Duncan X
well, i thought this was worth writing. Sus.