RKS (31 December 1950 / Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India)


1. Meditating
in the morning sun-
his long shadow

2. A bubble flying
from over the shaving brush
bursts on the mirror

3. Surviving
in the crevices

4. The village pond
waiting for her arrival
with baited hook

5. Awaking
before the climax
the other woman

6. Autumn's mellow mists:
none available to clean
the carpet of leaves

7. Fresh mushrooms
hidden in decaying leaves
missing the season

8. Days after the quake
staring at the rubble-
a homeless widow

9. From wheel chair

10. A kidnapper stands
behind the statue of Gandhi
to escape bullet

11. This festival too
couldn't change the cracked glass
now pen and pencil stand

12. Smoking cannabis
at the Sabarmati-
2 0ctober

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