Allow The Day To Break

A-llow the day to break,
L-et it beautify the view;
L-ife of you will feel the thrill,
Y-our eyes will be pleased anew.
S-eptember eighteenth morn has made you see the sun;
A-llowing the day to break when warm light has begun.

E-njoin the night from staying,
N-ever letting it remain;
R-ain and chill have turned
I-nto tender touch without pain.
Q-uest for the break of day,
U-ntil you find the new dawn;
E-agerly watch the blue sky,
Z-enith and clouds you look upon.

A-llow the day to break,
G-od always gives a chance;
U-nless you trust in Him,
I-t's His kingdom you won't glance.
L-ong life and salvation
A-re there for you to take;
R-ise from your soft bed, allow the day to break.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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Imagery too vivid! ! ! Deathly afraid of spiders am I! ! Cute haiku though!