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Oh Winter - Now Coming

Oh Winter - Now Coming

Poem By Peter S. Quinn

Oh winter that is now coming,
With tides of its glow and season.
The frosty roses there blooming,
The dark of the deep and its reason.

Oh icicles of the true cold frost,
The deeps of the weighty of dark.
Its way and its mood that gets lost,
When night is starry in its spark.

Oh heart of deep coming in snow,
With wonders of seasons alone.
Each footstep in profound shadow,
Where winds of the ice have blown.

You come in your footsteps silence,
With all that the dark is giving.
Breeze from the night and dawn trench,
All what the chill coldness is living.

Peaceful each moment of night,
Resting its beats from gone songs.
Until rise of life's daybreaks light,
Beginning of summer again longs.

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