JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

The Heart Of Battle

Heart! Oh, my foolish heart
Full of folly and despair
Always so quick to judge
Always so quick to care

Thy ruin will be your hollow sorrow
Thy fall will be your graceful hope
For passion reins your darkness
And misery sickens your white thoughts

The stars always promise blissful lies
And gave to thee the Furies’ glorious Might
But taken away thy celestial plans
And left thee stranded I dry lands

Forever false, forever worse, my Lord!
For my petty spiteful soul has lost
For dogging myself to thy door I refuse
Thus creating a majestic canyon between us two

This wholesome disintegration of mine
Pleases your sadist soul
For ‘tis worthier for me to tear to death
Rather for thee to shamelessly for me to suffer

The day will come, my Lord o’ Spite!
When all this will stand on pause in fright
And the white steeds will rise in me
To tear thy infliction of shame towards me

In all this love I cease to believe
In thy honour I cease to give in
This hell awakened in my darkness
Arms my will to break these chains of steel

The clouds are gathering around my soul
Warning my rotten skin in this hollow snow
To strengthen and heat up
For this battle will explode our universe hard!

by Evita Velvet

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This creates a great picture! Can feel myself climbing!