JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Work Hard To Reach Your Goals

We rise and we fall, this is a part of life itself, learning from our own mistake,
Be it from lack of persistence or a wrong choice, it's a stepping stone we take,
Never allow these mistakes to ruin us or crush what we are trying to achieve,
For we would never get what we want, let the past go and start to believe,

Realize your mistake, understand that you can't change the past nor stop the rain,
Use it to improve the future by learning how to prevent it from happening again,
There is nothing we can't redeem ourselves from so long as we keep a focused mind,
The doors of success and improvement are the true doors that you must find,

Some people might try to bring your dreams crashing down, simply to see you fail,
They will tell you that you amount to nothing and that your ambitions will bring no avail,
They will belittle you, call our hopes worthless and insult your very existence.
But pay no attention to those fools, keep working and improving with full persistence,

You might have the world looking down on you, but that means nothing,
if your mindset remains in the right place, their words are powerless to stop anything,
Know that you are powerful, determined, only you can truly know what you got,
Show them what you can truly do, Rise above expectations, give it your best shot,

They cannot stop you or slow you down, they are simply stepping stones on your path,
And all you need to do is step over them and keep moving with courage in your breath,
Prove them wrong, face the hardships life throws at you, be strong and withstand the pain,
Reach your goal and make them a piece of your past that will never be in your way again,

Remember that good things come to those who know
The balance between patience and seizing opportunities that show,
The ability to take opportunity without letting it slip away.
And a strategic mind to wait and draw the opportunity your way,

You are the sole creator and proprietor of your own happiness and resolve,
A being that can adapt with a mind, body and soul that can constantly evolve,
And only you can see your goals and ambitions through to the end,
And that is the greatest secret of living in this life my young friend.

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Pablo Neruda

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It does take an awfully long time to fill a piggy bank! Nice!