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Poemhunter Land Into Midnight's Dreams

Oh, my, alive, and fragrant heart,
Serenity raptures scents
...of freshly fallen snow

Oh, my, touch of white into the night
Of Midnight's dreams and poetry
I'll see you in everyway
As looking at my own reflection

I am renewed by your Soul
Mate, pleased to meet you in my dreams
Your heart sings to me as I await sleep
Only, I wish for your songs to play
Through my entire excursion
As my eyes close bidding you
To come near, my one, and only
For with you, my longing,
Future's best scenario in nights a bring
Heart's unfathomable dreams
You and me, safely folded in your arms
A fulfilling til eternity

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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Lisa, beautiful poem on rainbows. They are always lovely to look at after the rain. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
Haiku about rainbow? It was a great and colorful idea!
the Haiku is so much fun to write, and you make it beautifully easy sounding. i like this one because of all the bright colors that come to mind. love always your starr, (kitten lol)
A beautiful poem full of light and colours. Great work Lisa, cheers for sharing it with every1
If this is not a wonderful arch of colour and words that heal, then perhaps we should ask ourselves of the condition of our own book What a beautiful poem Lisa What else could it be from one so fair Love Duncan x