JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Haiku Rule Is No Rule

all the haiku rules
are no rule except
the three liner
i would concur

besides that
you can turn things
upside down
create another realm
with your words
so long as they jolt
the heart to things as banal
as a frog jumping
into an old pond
strike the mind
to give it another
good reason
for its existence

how could there be rules
when the world paints itself
in a thousand languages
throws as many idiosyncracies
as would civilisations draw up rules
for each of its endeavours

remember picasso, van gogh,
how they rule the canvas
and our 'rule abiding' selves
with their no-rule colours and strokes

how could there be a rule
when water like my core
could run in all directions

when this mind could jump
from moon to sun
and a far flung planet
in one second

when these eyes ould
see stars, planets, and suns
in this physique alone:

sun, planets, stars
these moles
all over my body

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I like this one, John! asks questions there is no answer to and gives an answer ' Bars do not a prison make'...moles and freckles constellations of imagination