Haiku- Summer

Haiku- Summer
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During summer
Even the sun enjoys rains

by DEEPAK KUMAR PATTANAYAK Click to read full poem

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Even the sun enjoys rains..... the porospect that even the sun enjoys the rain is a fine concept and well found imagination..... thank u for this very good poem dear Deepak..Kumar.. tony
Imagining sun enjoying the rains is a lovely poetic idea, yes, I have seen the sun loving the clouds and sometimes peeping out as a satisfied and content lover. A great Haiku.
A contrasting weather in a lovely short write. A great poem in its simplicity.10
The poem has beautifully captured the impact of scorching heat on an extreme summer day. And even the thought of rain brings solace to the heart. Thanks, Deepak ji.
Beautiful haiku on sun, summer and rain in a concise form. Loved reading it. Thanks.
When the sun enjoys rains, what a beautiful scenery.
Rich in realism. Even givers like the son needs to receive from time to time.
i like it. :) bri ok, i need more characters to submit comment; this should be enough!
Right...lovely haiku poem.. 'During summer Even the sun enjoys rains Here and there'
This is very sweet. The burning sun deserves a break also. Cool poem.
sometimes very true..................nice haiku...........like it
True.... the sun may be tired of his burning heat and looking for a shower!
that's a lovely one, very cute.
Summer beautiful expressions but too short poem but interested.
Short and sweet Haiku. Loved reading it.