A Tribute - Burhan Muzaffar Wani

In the woods of my valley
Moves a tiger with a notion
Showing slaves a way to truth
With the world opposing his action

He knows how to fight the evil
and the bounty on his head
In the days of his innocence
He rose up to fight the death

Inspiring millions with his love
From a hamlet, came a rebel
Leaving his enemies in fear & shivering
Like if he was born to fight the devil

Yes, i support him and his cause
and to the mid-night he brought dawn
So my people cried in rage
It's our hero, it's one, & my dear, it's BURHAN

by Fahid Hameed

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Nothing g more beautiful than paintings of the glorious sea!
This is nice... I enjoyed seeing all the quotes that inspired you. Thank you for the haiku you wrote in my comments.