Winter! Oh Dear Winter

Winter! Oh dear our sweet winter,
You are our only lovely time hinter.
We wait for you again waking soon,
Sun rays fall we do get warm boon.

Even at noon we search a blanket,
Some feel happy some wear jacket.
Basket brings a little girl for flower,
She moves toward Church's tower.

Some burn candle and do get light,
Few get fun watching weather's fight.
Might is father he stays in heaven,
He has made Nature in colours seven.

Christmas and New Year come here,
Oh winter you fill us sure in cheer.
You are also one cute sweet season,
You come near us with new reason.

Vision we spread over fog and mist,
Oh dear winter you do write our list.
By touch of mist shines the splinter,
Winter! Oh dear our sweet winter.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (2)

Beautiful and with a timeless feel to it, you share so much tallent with the reader, Thankyou Connie, Love Duncan
Connie: Haiku's close to my heart I post one almost every day Charles Garcia