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Hail The World Full Of Communities

Now the world is at my fingertips
When the thoughts flow to my nails,
When I dropp it down to my lap, I am creating a world
In the mornings I chat with my inamoratas
Just because of you my compu-lover
You who pluralized my life
in the time of polyvocalities
All my dalliances and wantons are credited
When I nestle my sleep in your embrace
I see the world through you my dear phantom
But I don’t know my neighbour; I know she is one Miss Agnes
That too from the name board, but I don’t know who she is
With that much e-friends, e-neighbours, e-books and e-mails to my credit
Come on dear, It is the time of eism.
Forget the world, think about the other, the hypereality
You know, once He questioned our dear Mr St Thomas
“How dare you, my dear son, say that you won’t believe in me
Without seeing me and touching me, ?
Look at the other eleven blessed brats”
I too believe in him without any testimony, and believe in this phantasm with this averment
I create my space within the blog
I love to live in that hull where I can see them
Space is not there in the acres or colonized territories
But I can give it in this cubicle and micro chip

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saw this poem aside mine in page 1 at this time. this has lots that make a great poem, and am so so impressed with the newness and arrangements of words to give a distinct meaning known to the poet, now revealed to the reader.