Hail To Columbus—discoverer Of A "Whole New World"

Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy, where travel was part of his life; Then lived for a time, in Lisbon, with Dona Felipa - his wife. Motivated by early journeys - heading South to the African Coast; To sail West and prove the earth was Round - was the goal that inspired him most. He looked to the Portuguese for support, but to his dismay - they declined; Determined to take this journey - he sought all the help he could find. The spanish Monarchs agreed on such lands, should Columbus be the "Discoverer;" To acknowledge his victory, he would become "Admiral, Viceroy and Governor". As the morning sun rose on August the Third, from Palos the fleet set sail; The Nina, the Pinta and Santa Maria crews, had the fortitude to prevail. The journey was a definite challenge - a search for spices and gold; For five hundred years many versions - of this voyage have been told. Though landing afar from his Asian destination, having crossed the ocean blue; Columbus discovered a "Whole New World" on October 12th, Fourteen Ninety-Two. Through an exchange of cultures and treasures - new doors were opened that day; As the two ancient worlds came together and formed the World We Live In Today!!

by Geraldine K. Orner

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