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Hail To You!
Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (28 May 1883 - 26 February 1966 / Bhagur, Maharashtra / India)

Hail To You!

Victory to you, O Most Auspicious One, O Abode of Sublimity and Eternal Delight! O Goddess of Freedom, O Triumphant One, We salute you!
O Embodiment of our National Life-Force, O Goddess of Freedom, Of Virtue and Prosperity Supreme Queen you are!
In this darkness of Slavery, O Goddess of Freedom, Alone gleaming in the sky A bright and Shining Star you are! O Goddess of Freedom, You are the blush that prospers, On cheeks as soft as flowers, On flowers as soft as cheeks! You are the Radiance of the Sun, the Depth of the Ocean, O Goddess of Freedom, Without you their worth is naught!
You are the Liberation from the Cycle of Birth and Death, O Goddess of Freedom, hailed as the Supreme Soul By the Yogis of the Vedas you are! All that is most supreme and noble, So very magnificent and oh, so very sweet, O Goddess of Freedom, All your companions are!
Soaked in the villain's blood-You are! Worshipped by noble men-You are! O Goddess of Freedom, The entire Creation surrenders unto you! Life is to die for You, Death is to live without You, O Giver of Boons, We await the time when you shall Clasp Our Motherland to your bosom! O Goddess of Freedom, O Triumphant One, We salute you!
Even Lord Shankar covets Our Himalayas, The Mighty Mountains of Terraced Snow, O, why does it not please you to sport here? Why O, why do you forsake the bountiful Ganga? Her stream, glowing like the moonshine, Is not it a worthy mirror for even the Apsaras?
O Freedom! What did you lack in this Golden Land? Is there not a fresh Kohinoor bloom for your braid each day? Here is The Bounteous One, Our very own Motherland, Why O, why did you push her away? O, why did your Motherly love of old wither away? O, so anguished is my soul! For she is now but a slave to others, Why O, why did you abandon her so, Answer me, I pray! O Goddess of Freedom, O Triumphant One, We salute you!

[Translated by Anurupa Cinar]

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this is the best translation of Veer Savarkar's famous 'hymn of Goddess Freedom'(Jayoastute Shri Mahanmangale Shivaspade Shubhade/Swatantrate Bhagavati Tvam ahm yashoyuta vande!)