The Nothingness-1

Everything that revolves around me,
seems to have come to a still.
The breezes touch me, caress me, whispers to me;
but I have lost it...
The sensation of listening,
the thrill of being heard.
An utter indifference seems to wrap me,
an indifference to pain, to joy, to compassion;
to love, to hate, to emotions!
They speak but I could hear nothing,
their eyes seem empty, more than mine;
empty and depthless.
And I walk afar from them,
but I stand there; with my body!
The empty shell, insensate, forlorn, inert, indifferent!
Like one of the oaks in the dark grey wood,
with its bare boughs, standing alone on the bossom of earth.
Silent, inert, indifferent!
Manifesting the very soul of woods.
And it stands with the black clouds hovering over it.
Ready to fall, to end everything,
everything that is not there!
That was never there! !
And the woods wait, for, it should end;
the nothingness should end!
And standing here I see her, my SOUL...
Walking away from me, towards them.
The grey, silent, dead woods.
Reducing me to a fragile human body,
A body without a soul!
Prone to scars, the brutality;
prone to dying and being alive each day.
And I look into my eyes; they are empty,
depthless, rather emptier than them.
And all I am left with is indifference,
Aperilous inertia and nothingness!
And with this body;
inert, forlorn, indiffrent.
The magnum opus of NOTHINGNESS!

by Nusrat Perveen

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How sweet and romantic.