Hair Today!

Whether I was a platinum blonde
Or a flaming red head or a brash brunette or black and daring
Depending on the bottle and how I was feeling.

You always gave me a single long term rose
As a token of your love
And the lies you utilise to deceive me.

For everyone of your women I got a rose.

Now I’ve gone back to being little mousey me
And you’ve run off
With a hairdresser with no hair and no brains
(a Sinead O’ Connor lookalike) .

I wonder does she get the token love rose
While I get to keep the crown of thorns.

I’ve gone off men and flowers
Wear Jackie Onassis sunglasses and a big floppy hat.

I’m in disguise
Hiding from the facts telling myself lies
(hiding from myself)
Ashamed to recognise the fool I was.

by Dee Wright

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I love the line 'For everyone of your women I got a rose' - therein lies a novel! Hope the crown of thorns is no longer biting into your flesh, Dee, good luck, L