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Haiti's Hope
H (1/25 / NYS)

Haiti's Hope

So many lost
and lonely souls-
Living and dying,
as a church bell tolls.

Pleading and praying-
looking for God.
Bodies decaying,
in the sun, on the sod.

A loss of faith.
A cry for hope.
A broken country-
trying to cope.

A rich world looking,
from outside in-
Sending aid and supplies;
so despair won't win.

So many children,
on an island alone-
Amist ruble and death;
dirt and stone.

People starving;
no clean water to drink.
Looting and violence;
in desperation they sink.

Three days now gone,
since terror shook.
Inspired by miracles;
they continue to look.

A two month old babe,
on a hillside, alive.
Faith and hope-
again revived.

The world will see, as new days dawn,
a tiny nation begin to cope;
for faith is alive in Haitian hearts;
planting the seeds of Haiti's Hope.

(1/17/2010- 11: 45 pm)

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Wonderful words from a sensitive soul. Well done my friend.