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Half Done
(21/06/1992 / Kashmir)

Half Done

Poem By Aabid Masroor

Gone up in the attic oft
Mountain pores and love gardens
Trails of floras and daffodils are
resuscitated in hilly
Irresistible call to butterflies, and
plantain lily
Long white war done, no tyranny
more authority
On heavenly pines and oak, on living
dead majority
Because winter had to pass by
It changes winds but not the sky
Lost battle not the war
From the same field and scar
Water oozed in place of blood
Not spring, not leaf- not a bud
Love; brought them back to life
But born in mid April, is occasional
And I haven't seen anything
aesthetic in my squad
Her Patel's, Patterns, Body - God!
To men give them another heart
For attacks and strokes they fall apart
By some old sacred text, the flower
is remedy
Cure to illnesses and injury
Symbol of love, romantic
Musing to and fro by some platonic
This April of all midst this dwell
Winds, bestrew no sense of smell
From the same I saw glimmer of the
setting sun
Pointing to the moon that "my days
are done"
And when I asked the moon
Her glow faded in the month of June
The white so bright calm moonlight
Once bare bosom to the summer
Not a whit of love, I no longer catch
the scent
Birds and bulbul are long absent
What hearts are but without any
Bees, Blossom, Moths and an Owl
Give another hoot of a new
mourning song
Hush and cry! this cold night long
Under the starry sky beneath the
For half slaughtered casualties of
And upon the branch of fractured
Once chosen used to be
Indistinct tonight, my grave of
beloved one
It must be love; half-done

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Comments (10)

A marvelous ode to nature! Congratulations on Poem Of The Day!
It must be love! ! Thanks for sharing.
This is my first exposure to your work, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to enjoy it. You write bravely, confident in your expression. You are the high-wire, tight rope artist with no net, unafraid to execute your craft. Very vibrant imagery, very dynamic punctuations of color and internal texture. Rhyming schemes of contemporary writing always invoke within me a gestalt of cautious skepticism, as so many modern writers sacrifice precision of thought for mechanical rhyming structure, but the scaffolding of your rhyme and rhythm enhance the visuals, rather than detracting from them, realizing our otherwise frequently disappointed hope. Bravo, good poet. :) S
Beautifully described on nature and love Congratulations
Wonderful imaginary. Beautiful poem on nature with stunning expression. Thanks and congratulations for the poem of the day.
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