Half-Forgotten Love Affair

Clouds catching shadows on the ground,
while the winds are careful not to make a sound.
Dancing waters in the night...
Oh, how that splendor filled my sight!

Birds catching lost dreams in the sea,
while the rain is careful not to wake a tree.
Dancing waters in the night...
Oh, how that glory filled my mind!

My heart still searching for your soul...
while mountains never sleep at all.
Dancing waters in the night...
How our half-forgotten love affair
struggled to stay alive!

by Jessel Jane Tevar Toring

Comments (1)

half dead half alive love relation...still the once joyous feels never fully die out... they 'make waters dance in the night'...'make birds catch lost dreams in the sea'! good piece, Jane...the tension over strained love life is very beautifully poetized here...10