JA (1985-03-11 / Stockholm, Sweden)

Half Full In A Half Empty Glass They Want To Call World

I am sort of half perfect
with no perfection at all
No knowledge whatever if
you'd like me to proof it all

I am kind of half in sickness
If anything would be granted
nothing but normal
And if society would knock
on my door
I would probably invite them
For a cup of coffee
Even if they would start
trying to make me believe
that it's normal to
feed the greedy and take
money from the poor
to give to the rich
that has knocked on
everyones door

Once in a while
I see the natures
revieling beauty
It tells me that
lies aren't
anything we can
achieve life thru
and within
But thru love
and the eye that
can see the sunbeam
shining gently thru
a home

Even though it's not
perfect can be
more than whomever
would ever call

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