Unique And Special

Upon the ugliest rock
Sits a chest of beauty
In the sweetest fruits
Comes a hideous flaw
Out of his soft palms
Came rivers of beauty
Flowing through every hand

For all are living roses!
Stuck with unique thorns
Painted with special colors
Not only on the cover
Not through works of art
Or the corners in the heart
Elegance is displayed

For out of hideousness
Comes greater beauty
Unknown to the mind
Unseen by the eyes
But reflects in us all!

by Eyan Desir

Comments (2)

I feel the same way. Knowing that we are blessed even during difficult days, brings the light of joy into our hearts Thanks for sharing and expressing this thought so well.
Not many people see in this way anymore- your optomism and faith is very unique and inspiring. I hope that only the same light and belief and assurance could as well guide my life.