ଜରୁର୍ ଆଏବେplease Do Come

ଜରୁର୍ ଆଏବେ,
ନିଉତା ରହେଲା,
ଭେଟଘାଟ ଅଛେ।

କାଣା କରମା
ହେଟା ସବୁ
ହେନ ଜାନବେ।

ଖାଏମା, ପିଇମା,
ହସାଗିଜରା ହେମା,
ନଚାଡେଗା କରମା,
ଦେଖମାସମିଆ, ଆରୁ
ଆଗକେ କେନ୍ତା କାଣା
ହେବା ଆଏ ଉପେ କରମା।

English rendering;

Here is the invitation,
Please do come,
Great meeting there.

What is there to do
All you are to know

We would eat, drink,
Laugh, dance,
See the time, and
What we are to do,
We are to decide
The way and means.

by Gajanan Mishra

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