(21/06/1992 / Kashmir)

Half Love

You could be anytime- victimized,
Terrorized, traumatized, brutalized by the
Experience of being in love
love? But I am not a cup, a coffee, a cupboard, a curtain
For hearts and curtains are very thin material, love
One can't prevent them from seeing in
What is happening?
What is it wrong I have done? that
If hundred years, I look at you
If hundred miles, I wait but you
If hundred smiles, I choose you
Such a hopeless in love but
It is written in the winds
"Lesser my hope harder my love"
And I have only just begun
Loved but you,
Not in wonderland's and Disneyland's
In every season, in every year, in every autumn
In snowfalls, in rainy days, in Junes in Mays
In full moons, in glooms
Men and women and women and men
Both fall in love
Die for love, kill for love
Sing for love,
Compose poems in love
Some of them fall for romantic love
Some of them fail for romantic love
And some get rejected, some dumped in love
For world without love is a deadly place
No morality, no sentiment
Filled with voracity and wolfishness
But love, my love is
Inert, Immotile, irremovable,
Permanent, stagnant, unmovable,
Calm, frozen, halted, paralyzed,
As in the age of means
Who would huddle to hear tales of fairies
Moonlit nights and love songs
These things here exist not
You could find a great man more easily
Superior and supreme of a very high standard
Who can buy rings and earrings
Etcetera etcetera
Where you look but not for me at all
And sure this half love of yours, be gone
For I know women very well
She is good in decisions and demands and duality
How can I define myself?
I no longer have any fear of death
I am half alive, half dead
I am a beast, a demon
Demonized by the chains that bind you
I am a raptor, very good at noticing things
What then doubt and fear?
I am a survivor where one dies, and one lives
Cauterized by risk, prisons and walls
I am a failure,
Failed in winning life's greatest prize
Year by year as the years pass
Do slowly finish this half, my love
For mine shall always glitter like a star,
Wrinkled somewhere in the corner

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Nice. You would like to read my poem (Love and Lust) . Thanks
i like this verse, and make me laugh a bit love? But I am not a cup, a coffee, a cupboard, a curtain haha ok serious comment, love is like a seed, it root in you...that you should love yourself first and then learn to love others, i always believe love is not hurt, but what make it hurt is what made love killed...i am not specify about kind of love, it can be diverse....and no matter what form we have, it will help us to survive.. oh God you do no mistakes