Half Of Life

With its yellow pears
And wild roses everywhere
The shore hangs into the lake,
O gracious swans,
And drunk with kisses
You dip your heads
In the sobering holy water.

Ah, where will I find
Flowers, come winter,
And where the sunshine
And shade of the earth ?
Walls stand cold
And speechless, in the wind
The wheathervanes creak.

by Friedrich Holderlin

Comments (8)

Winters come alive in the lake side place with lovely personification of nature. Thanks a lo.
And speechless, in the wind The weathervanes creak. - a wonderful expression! Liked the caption of the poem.
Speechless! ! ! With the muse of life. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
its beautiful and charming the universe everyone is hypnotized here with graceful shape of world and nature but mundane life, the half of eternal soul can not enjoy it fully..../// lovely poem
A very fine poem. tony. congrats for POD
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