CGT (February 11th,1988 / Killeen, Texas)

Half Past Bed Time

I lay awake thinking,
blinking, and making
any necessary retaking
'Tis half past eleven

I lay awake winking
I should be sinking,
right into a linking
'Tis half past twelve

I can't quite understand
Just how one can withstand
I must learn again to stand
'Tis half past one

I cannot come to a conclusion
I slip further into exclusion
I will write a new inclusion
'Tis half past two

This thing I write in a journal
This task has become diurnal
I think I may be nocturnal
'Tis half past three

I think I will go to bed now
I don't know how I can allow
These thoughts I should plow
'Tis half past four

(August 18th,2006)

by Christopher G. Turner

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Comments (2)

yeppers! that sounds like me! it seems my best inspirations come late at night! very nice write! ~Divina
OMG! This is the theme poem of my life! My writing also gives me insomnia. Well done Chris - as per usual.