NA ( / Kingston, Ontario.)


She is broken glass spread on the floor that you step on
But the swirls of pain give you something to lean on
She has vials of gun powder stored up in her system
And the fireworks kick all of your blood vessels open

She is butterscotch caramel topped with pistaccio
She is all of the mad ruts your tyres screech over
She is sweat off the fire you'll put out tomorrow
Coz today is the thunderstorm you won't dare let go of

She is light in the dark... but it's red... but it's special
She's the ride in between the cliff edge and the long fall
She will tip all her cigarette ash in your diesel
She's the star and the black hole, part of time, part immortal

She's a book with no end and a wall with no picture
The dimensions run wild when she's staring into you
She becomes all your emotions and all your strange rituals
She's a siren, she's a maniac, she is beautiful.

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