ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Halli, Hallo Means How Are You

Halli hallo means how are you
Halli hallo to you too
It’s always great to give salutations
You never know those expectations.

Hallo! yes come on over all is fine
There are no problems that are mine
Just want to go on and keep cheery
Come on, there is no reason to be teary.

Halli hallo lets go walking and be jolly
Put your arms around me and be dolly
Tonight and today are meant for fun
Won’t you steal a moment from this pun?

Now lets start to yodel a carol of halli hallo
We can sing it to all that just feel shallow
Yodel le he ho, and yes we are just joyful
All of you are daring and willing to be playful.

A thousand times of happy thoughts call
Those hallies and yodels are songs for all
Forever we go together singing gestures
Why shouldn’t life be full of pleasures?

No more hallos today the day is gone
It is time to say goodbye and move on
Halli and so long is all that is left to say
Tomorrow we can say hallo for another day.

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