Poem By Stephanie Rigot

Halloween spirits, ghosts, goblins & ghouls all come out on spooky nights to scare or frighten little children.
At midnight witches cackle,
vampires come out to bite,
full moon beware werewolves howl
skeletons & ghost & ghouls dance in creepy cemeteries.
When creatures of the night are close
bats & cats are seen
Moon begins to laugh and whisper 'Tis near Halloween.'
Autumn flare of trick or treaters
Tis the night of Hallows Eve
of grave delight,
warlocks are at their play
Ye think that without
the wild winds shouting
But NO. It is they-it is they the witches.
Chills in the air
leaves rustle & move.
Trick or treaters come out to play
Now its time to trick or treat
For you know its the most creeperific or spook filled holiday

Comments about Halloween

this sounds awfully familiar to me. i wonder if you have changed your poemhunter name. i read another very good halloween poem by a 'young girl' this past year. i esp. enjoyed: Moon begins to laugh and whisper 'Tis near Halloween.' and Ye think that without the wild winds shouting But NO. It is they-it is they the witches. ....you might want to put an apostrophe in winds (sic) . especially since the way you used the word without to mean outside (instead of not with/lacking) this could be misread or at least be a slight stumbling block for the readers. of course, since it is 'halloween', maybe you are TRYING to trip someone up. :) and you certainly fit into this poem a lot of halloween stuff (scary stuff) , but in two places at least you used several words which i would say are synonyms........so it seemed those parts are redundant aka superfluous. where is my CANDY! ! ! :) i think i'll send this to MyPoemList.

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