Late at night, All Hallows Eve
Trick or treaters, nervous screams
Stretching woods, dying trees
Cemeteries lie beneath
Frightening though this may seem
Not a nightmare, just a dream
Ghosts will creep, just walk by
Graveyards dark on this still night
Darkness has inhaled the light
They’ll destroy you in a bite
Light shines from the silver moon
This night’s over far too soon
Demons rising out of hell
One night for them to leave their cells
Walking now through all who live
Steal the lives that they won’t give
Wind is chilled, leaves fall around
Corpses littering the ground
Out comes the sun, the moon recedes
Its warmth is blazing over me
‘Twas such a perfect holiday
I shall not go back to my grave

by Melissa K Vigna

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