I am a part with
Roots of too deep,
In this land; not guest!

Reason? Example:
Take Iran's Sepand
Compare with Smudge.

Seed and herbs gathered
Burnt for scent, curly smoke
Calm soul and bless; also disinfect.

Is there any good?
Can it be of use?
Why so and base?

The time is for science
To come in, collect
Mental, physical
Benefits and loss.

But the key to word
And the lock of luck
Is in bastards' house
And enforced they are
Ignorant in cave;

Prejudice, Prejudice, Prejudice

The simple claim:
"It is old fashioned! "

Hear me say loud:
"Hell with you and call
Crawl in darkness
Screw each other! "

Leave me fresh air
I breathe oxygen…
I need brain's wants
That train you lost.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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Nice, Tasha Cheray. Anthony o