scary ghosts raised a toast
as it neared Halloween
some of them began to boast
how many kids they'd made green

the pumpkins all looked smashing
with there carved out face
some looked rather dashing
head scarves made out of lace

witches on there broomstick
casting lots of horrid spells
some were rather thick
and ended in deep dark wells

there vicious vile cats
all had grimacing teeth
some of them ate bats
placing them by a wreath

the eeriness of the graveyard
coughing from the coffin
escaping from the gravestone
of Mr Peter Goffin (1906-1974)

haunted house looked empty
all rooms dull and bear
except for voodoo Betty
and her blonde flowing hair

those skeletons all did dance
upon that Halloween
some men began to prance
and some went for a chow mein

by Lee Fones

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