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Halloween Hollywood

Welcome to the Masquerade... in a way a prison
Horrors of this macabre feature run it's vision
Hidden behind facades, lie the lost and soulless
Living the days a pill at a time... high moments
One Low and out come the monsters 'n Demons
All they do ends in solace with 'comforting reasons'
The penance? a selfish high gained by pawn-like behavior
Vampires draining us all till self-preservation's a savior

(to surrender to their sexual fulfllment... destroys love)
(to surrender to their lies and ideals... destroys knowledge)

... Go ahead... Change into something you're not
Slow the steps of death before they reach the door knob
like a prison they'll take your soul and leave the body...
turning us into disensitized casts of humans feeding off the haughty
Leaving impecable skeletons... perfect for a closet
Which we'll never come out of, just leave a deposit
Any life that's interesting would be good for the screen
Hollywood wouldn't work in our own life, causing a scene
Everyday's a halloween party, hiding the imperfect in make-up
Even among the suicidal lies a truth, ' we can't hang tough.'
Every star has their drug of choice and they're the devils
For Beezlebubpulls the strings and minds to new levels
Pulling evil into the limelight produced by twisted minds
Oh yes... (and i say this sarcastically...)
Welcome to hollywood and it's halloween times

(Hollywood affects us no matter how much we deny it)

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