AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Halloween Will Rear It's Head

It's just a matter of weeks, before
Halloween, will rear it's head! It's
the time of the year, where kids
wear all kinds of scary costumes,
that some of us, dread! Some are
spooky, to say the least, while others
look like, some kind of beast!
Whichever one, it might be, I have to
admit, they frighten me! I'm not,
particularly fond of this holiday, as I
dislike, all the children, knocking at
my door. No matter how many times
you give, there's always someone,
wanting more! I rather like, my peace
and quiet, but it can never be, on this
night, as there's always, a lot of clamor
and it can be, quite a sight. I know, I
have to be patient, for it soon will
be gone, but the way time is fleeting,
it will be here once again, as time,
really marches on!

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