***hallucinating Lies***

Poem By Kaspa Richards

Once again my friends,
Another story comes to an end,
I wish I could say it was a happy ending,
But i've been driven right round the bend,
My boys, my friends, them so called men,
Grown up into little boys who think they can defend,
But when shit comes round they bitch but nothing comes of it then,
Soon enough they trying to look like rough men again

Then my girls, my ladies, the smart ones without babies,
You have all driven me crazy
But not one of u has tried to play me,
And baby,
It’s not your fault that we can’t get together I know the reason why,
My years of problems built a brick wall in my mind 50ft high
I want to let u in so much and for us to reach for the sky,
But even when I try, I get anxious and start to see hallucinating lies,
Just to stop myself getting hurt, stupid I know, but I have to say bye,
Another battle lost it’s my demon not a girl, got me alone on the sly
I’m at home always fighting so for us I jus haven’t got the time
Even when outside I'm fighting issues in my mind,
So if I’m distant or cold to you now you know why
But ill be back to normal soon and I promise you
Ill be making one of you mine

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