Hamburg Germany, Near Aircraft Disaster 2008

Teutonic maiden, twenty-three,
just learning aircraft trickery.
Came windshear on that Hamburg field
all thought their fates were surely sealed.
The wing touched down, and cut the ground
then spun the aircraft clear around.
She, as the co-pilot was faced
not with a simple, frilly laced
but with a scene straight out of hell.
Inside the plane the crash warn bell
screamed at them all, she kept her nerve
and managed soon to skip and swerve,
together with the pilot's hand
they were no longer keen to land,
they fed full power to the system
and lifted off. The devil missed them.
The talent shown here must be rare
this pilot owns the skies, the air.
So did you notice how much speed
this aircraft managed and indeed
they were up in the stratosphere
with racing heartbeat and one tear.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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